Continuing Dental education

Educational Implant Program.


Agenda:   (7 DECEMBER  2019)

This course is for General Dentists delivered by prof. Samir Koheil,

Courses restricted to THREE Graduated candidates.
The course includes the following:

  1. Theoretical Lectures : Treatment planning.
  2. Tracing of CBCT and use of Radio-graphic Implant.
  3. Surgical protocol following self-tapping methods, Indication of immediate load implants, Indications of immediate replacement implants and
  4. Prosthetic options & Failure management.
  5. When and why to Screw or Cement.
  6. Hands-on work shop and place implants following the flap and flap-less technique on special models designed for.
  7. We will support candidate with four self-tap American implants and place them by himself under my supervision.
  8. Prosthetic option performed according to the treatment plan adjusted.

Now we will consider that he has finished the course.

  • Prof. Dr Samir Koheil has worked from his practice (Implant and Cosmetic Centre)
  • Prof. Koheil is interest in Implant Dentistry began early in his career with his formal training in CONNECTICUT USA 1991.

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