Alexandria Dental Cosmetic Implant Center

service.jpgOur full ultra modern Alexandria Dental Cosmetic Implant center facility is equipped with state of art equipment. In addition to the latest techniques used to give you the best dental treatment. As you step inside, you will feel the different professional way we deal with our patients.
Our receptionist will register your data into a custom computerized filing system.
This procedure is important as the valuable data obtained aids in the dental treatment plan and progress.

The Alexandria Dental Cosmetic Implant Center is designed with luxurious and comfortable waiting rooms that guarantee your satisfaction and relaxation, but do not expect you will be waiting.xray.jpg
Panoramic and Periapical digital x-ray units.
X-ray images captured and controlled which help in Dental Implant treatment, selection and progress follow up. Furthermore, computer controlled intra-oral photography is utilized to record final restoration after Dental Implant  or white filling performed anf finished.

kids.jpgChildren can be dentally treated with no pain or pain free or fear through employing general anesthesia if needed.
When your safety, health and comfort are the target only the sky is the limit of our dental treatment and the most comfortable experience possible.

We utilize state-of-the-art sterilization methods and we use disposable instruments whenever possible. For further insurance of safety, lead encapsulation of the available x-ray room was established to protectively block any harmful radiation. We are following in our operatories the advanced hygienic system of strict sterilization rules. All our dental treatment is planned to be pain free in our specialized and up-to-date dental clinics:

A- Dentist Implant operatory
Designed for dental implant surgical steps.
B- Prosthetic operatory
Perform dental implant superstructure and fixed prosthetic restorations.
C- Restorative operatory
we perform different types of esthetic restorations.(similar to tooth color)

  1. Esthetic filling materials(porcelain or composite fillings.)
  2. Esthetic veneer(porcelain or composite.)
  3. Teeth whitening (Bleaching)
  4. dentist_alex.jpgRoot canal treatment.
  5. Different types of dentures.
  6. Porcelain fixed restorations.
  7. Oral surgeries.
  8. Pedodontics and orthodontics operatory.